What If I Walked in the Woods?

What if I walked in the woods?

Would it feel as if the world has faded away

Like I am a squirrel, rolled up in a ball, laying in my cozy tree den?


Would the world feel closer, bigger and more real

Like I am a great magnificent redwood tethered to the spinning earth by my great gnarled roots?

What if I walked in the city?

Would I feel small, invisible and insignificant

Like I am a bacteria running through the body, never noticed, never minded?


Would I feel grand, bold and important

Like I am royalty, in a carriage, being spirited through my kingdom?



What if I walked in the desert?

Would I feel alone, empty and scared

Like I am a new kitten left by the side of the road?


Would I feel joyful and free to run jump and yell

Like I am a young colt released from his stall after a long cooped up winter?



What If I walked in the mountains?

Would I feel cold, weak and breathless

Like I am a fox caught in a nasty snowstorm?


Would I feel robust, tenacious and triumphant

Like I am an explorer finding a secret lost treasure?


What if I were scared?

Would I stay inside my room and only watch the world go by from there

Like I am a baby eagle with no wings and no wisdom?


Would I know that life is worth the risk and step out into the bright unknown

Like a hero who has grabbed fear by it’s tail and thrown it into the deep, deep ever after?



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